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2015- Kunstverein projektraum-bahnhof25, Klev,  Germany

downloadable text by Steve Chance on Matt Hale's work in 2015 written for this exhibition

Statement for Projektraum-bahnhof by Matt Hale

My work in the exhibition at Projektraum-bahnhof, Kleve used a variety of materials collaged together. Materials are used for the meanings they hold when placed in relation to others. I adopt a partially hands off approach which allows the materials to exist in their raw state. Some are 'preserved' in plastic emulsion. For example a leaf is plasticised into a static state. When constructing my work I consider my work in relation to landscape painting with nature blurring or blending with the man-made. For example engine grease may appear as if it is mud, plastic pipes become branches or oil may appear as if a river. “The landscape ranges from the almost wholly artificial to the almost wholly natural. Semi Nature is what we mostly see”. (Oliver Rackham 1986)

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